Monday, November 7

Community Events

Annual Asian-American Cultural Festival 
"Taste of Asia" 

Image Courtesy of Be Achorn
The Association of Asian-American Women of San Angelo will be hosting their Annual Asian-American Cultural Festival "Taste of Asia". The Event will take place 5pm-8pm at the McNease Convention Center on Rio Concho. There will be food, dance demonstrations of different Asian cultures, and plenty of activities for everyone.

"This event will kick off the Association of Asian-American Women's fundraising toward our goal of building the Asian Cultural Center in downtown area of San Angelo. The center will allow the Association to offer cultural education, diversity in leadership, and business opportunities."

Image Courtesy of Michelle Morrow
For information please call 325-650-4062 or 325-942-9792. 


 The Association of Asian-American Women of San Angelo. Read More About them.

GET INVOLVED: Group Invites New Members

Culture Counts for Asian Group: Women Aim to Share Heritage Through Center.


From time to time we will post about local events occurring in the Asian community of San Angelo. If there are any event's you would like to have listed feel free to let us know. There will be no cost for advertising on this site for community groups.

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