Wednesday, July 30

Product Focus

Since recent temperatures have crawled up into the triple digits I figured this would be a fine time to showcase one of our more popular products. Green Tea Ice Cream. Now I know to the average American diet this sounds a bit repulsive, but I assure you it is anything but.

Creamy, with the slightest of bitterness from the tea, the ice cream is refreshing and calming. Personally it seems to have a calming effect on my stomach if I have consumed too much for dinner. A truly exquisite way to finish off any meal. But what if you don't have a bowl, or a spoon or the other devices necessary to partake in this divine creation? That is where Mochi Ice Cream comes in.

Japanese rice cakes filled with ice cream. Again it sounds a bit odd, but again totally worth it to try. Lightly coated with powdered sugar to keep them from sticking, they are reminiscent of frozen doughnut holes. Both types are wonderful treats and should be tried at least once. So what better time to try them, than when it is scorching hot outside. Click Read more if you dare venture to see the frozen delights.

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Oops, guess that last one snuck in there. Told you it was hot outside.

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