Wednesday, April 1

What's New in 2009

It's April!! and yes we have not updated lately and we do apologize. We have made a few changes at Mama Nida's Asian Market and if you have not come by to see it lately, now is the time for a visit...
Over the year or two of providing our community, we have opened and expanded and added on. It is clear that we may need to expand again soon and it's all because of you, our customers. Its a new year and we have made some changes and added on to our selections....Read More

Summer is here and the hot whether is slowly creeping back into the West Texas weather. We are bringing back the things that quenches your thirst, relieves your hunger, and helps you cool down.

For many, hot weather means snow cones or cold soft drinks but for the people who understands and appreciate the not-so-ordinary, it means "Yakool" (a frozen milk energy softdrink) or "Mochi Ice Cream" (ice cream wrapped in rice dough). Never-the-less, it's something to cool you down.
Of course our selection of Ramune Softdrinks have expanded and now we carry the original flavor, melon, strawberry, and orange..And don't forget our selection of other Asian Drinks from Mango Juice to Carabao Energy Drink.

We strive to bring in many products per customer request. It's a neighborly service we provide for those who wish to experience Asian Cuisine. Email us your request for items we do not have and we will do our best to bring them into your homes.

Come visit us today to stock up for your Summer parties and treats, You are always Welcome!

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