Tuesday, June 9

Summer Seasonal Items Available

When the sun is out and the rain is pouring, it means that the garden is blooming. Now available and plenty of it are the fresh mints, thai basil leaves, gobo roots, lemon grass, chives and other fresh herbs and spices..

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For those fans of thai and vietnamese food, now is the time to dust off those recipes you've been hiding or waiting to cook because we have plenty of the herbs that most recipes will ask for. We will do our best to keep them in stock as long as we have them available locally.

Seasonal item available this week....

Fresh Thai Basil
$0.99 per bundle

Fresh Mint
$0.50 per bundle

Fresh Chives
$0.75 per Bundle

$1.00 per Bundle

Come in and get them while they're fresh because these items don't last very long. We will add more fresh herbs, roots, and veges on the list as they become available. At Mama Nida's Asian Market, providing fresh seasonal greens is out goal and customers do not have empty their purse to enjoy fresh herbs and veges that may cost a fortune at the regular grocery store.

We will be restocking this weekend as well so if you have any request for items, please give us a call 325-655-6809 or send us a message mamanidasam@gmail.com. It's part of our service to provide our customers access to many oriental products that are hard to find...

Have a Happy Summer!!!

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