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To start off the culture section I decided to tackle a fun one. From fancy to simple chopsticks have become the unofficial symbol of Asian food. Found in almost all sushi bars and Chinese restaurants, they are a challenge at first but quickly but extensions of the hand.

Though many Americans got their introduction to chopsticks from Mr. Miyagi, chopsticks have been around since at least the Shang Dynasty of China. That's a little over 3000 years. From China their use spread across much of Asia, to Japan, Korea and even Vietnam. The name chopstick is derived from Chinese slang "chop chop" for quick.

For some fun next time you are eating out, try asking for chopsticks as they are known in Asia.

Japan- hashi
Korean- jeokkarak
Mandarin- kuaizi
Vietnamese- đũa

As with many things, there are some etiquette rules that should be followed when using chopsticks. Most are common sense such as don't use as drumsticks or as toys, but others, such as don't stand chopsticks up in a rice bowl, are less obvious. A more complete list of proper etiquette can be found here.

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