Wednesday, November 25


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Though Thanksgiving is traditionally viewed as an American holiday, various countries around the world celebrate their own form of Thanksgiving.

Japan- Labor Thanksgiving Day aka 勤労感謝の日 aka Kinrō kansha no hi. Originally a rice harvest holiday, since 1948 it has been dedicated to human rights.

Korea- Chuseok aka 추석. Another harvest celebration with the dates varying every year. This year it was celebrated on Oct 3.

Pakistan- Eid ul Fitr. A three day celebration marking the end of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Philippines- Pahiyas Festival. A harvest festival (anyone else see a trend?) celebrated in Quezon since the 16th century.

So no matter where you find yourself, chances are someone is celebrating their own form of Thanksgiving. For us here, we are thankful for our family and friends. Our new son and of course all of our customers who make a lot of this possible.

Here's wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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