Friday, January 8

New Years Sale

To start the New Year off right, we are having a sale. For you convenience all sale items will be grouped together to make them easier to find. Click Read More to see whats on sale and how to use them.

$.99 Laing- Taro leaves with coconut cream, stand alone side dish popular in the Philippines and in Hawaii

$.99 Camansi- Breadnut in coconut cream, another specialty from the Philippines best served as a side dish

$.99 Puso ng Saging- Banana heart with coconut cream, you guessed it from the Philippines and a wonderful side dish

$.99 Potassium/Sodium Carbonate Solution-Adding a little of this water when making fresh Chinese bread or noodles give it that special flavor and texture

$4.50 Takoyaki flour- base flour used in the production of takoyaki or Japanese octopus balls, popular in Osaka

All gifts are still 25% off.


Anonymous said...

*pokes* Ha! I know you guys! :-D Sounds like a good deal, and I like the fact that you give plenty of information, it's not something you see often. Can't wait to see the remodel done (is done yet, anyway?). Keep up the good work.

J Puraw said...

We always like giving as much information as we can on the products we carry.

Remodel is 95% completed. Fully functional, just the aesthetics left to finish up.