Thursday, August 18

Asian Decors and Gifts.

 When visiting many Asian homes, you'll find that many of their walls are full of interesting oriental accented decors, such as framed Japanese geisha doll, a scroll with Chinese characters, or a giant fan with a cherry blossom design. You'll also notice knickknacks, vases, animals, and Buddhas placed all around their home as decorations.

Why is that?

Many Asians like to decorate their homes with things that remind of them their culture and where they came from. Having such decors bring warmth and comfort to the home and at the same time, tells a story about the people that live in it.

Aside from our wide variety of spices and groceries, Mama Nida's Asian Market also carry many gifts, home decor, Feng Shui items, statues, jewelries and accessories.

If you haven't been in lately, here's a sneak pick of items we have on our shelves. More new items will be coming in as the holidays comes near.

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