Wednesday, August 3

Halo-Halo Anyone?

Photo from Wikimedia

Halo-Halo (derived from the Tagalog word "halo" meaning "mix") is a famous and all time best dessert/refreshment in Philippines. It's the best way to beat the heat, especially right now with those three digit temperature all over the place.

Halo-Halo is a combination of sweetened fruits and beans mixed with shaved ice and evaporated milk topped with ice cream, leche plan, and/or a scoop of ube and/or pinipig rice.

First, here's the easy route for you who crave for the flavor and simplicity.

It's that simple, mix it all up and top with your favorite ice cream and done.


You can go for the more complex, here's the recipe.


Sweetened Red beans
Sweetened Garbanzos
Sweetened Saba Bananas
Sweetened Kamote
Sweetened Jackfruit
Sweetened Kaong
Sago in Syrup
Macapuno Strings
Coco Gel (Nata de Coco)
Ube Halaya

Shaved Ice

Ice cream (pick your favorite)
Leche Flan
Evaporated Milk

Tall Glass or Bowl

1. Fill half of the glass with your sweetened delicacies, it is up to you how much you want in your mixture.

2. Fill the other half of the glass with shaved ice and pack it down.

3. Pour evaporated milk, sprinkle with sugar ( optional)

4. Topped it with 2-3 small scoop of the ice cream of your choice and/or a small slice of flan and/or scoop of ube halaya

5. Finished it off with a sprinkle of pinipig flakes and ENJOY!

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