Friday, September 30

Shirataki Noodles

 In the last few months, we've been getting many requests for Shirataki (しらたき) noodles. Also known as Miracle Noodles. Thanks to Dr. Oz Show and our local newspaper, many consumers are now widely aware of the benefits this miracle noodle can provide as a carb substitute. Shirataki are low carb, low calorie, low fat, high soluble fiber, and gluten-free noodles made from konjac yam or elephant yams.

These Asian yams are also called "Devil's Tongue" Yams and the word "shirataki" means "white waterfall", which describes the translucent appearance of the noodles.

Shirataki have little to no flavors, they absorb the flavor of the sauce or soup that you cook them into. You can find these noodles in most Asian grocery stores and some health stores. There are the traditional shirataki and konnyaku and there are tofu shirataki noodles. Tofu Shirataki are soy base and requires refrigeration before its open therefore it has a shorter shelf life than the traditional ones. It taste great with spaghetti sauce and also great with stir fry or soup. So if you're one of those that doesn't want to give up pasta but needs to lay off the carbs, this is an awesome substitute.

Each package provides a recipe for you to try.

I considered posting a recipe on our blog but there's a place where they've dedicated recipes using this product. Shirataki Noodles Recipes.

Enjoy and Good Eats!


Shirataki said...

Shirataki noodles are quickly becoming the next big trend among health enthusiasts because it consists of both vitamins and minerals.

Gigi said...

Yes Shirataki, it sure it, thanks to Dr. Oz. Japanese people has been eating shirataki or konnyaku for many years as part of their daily diet and the western world is just now discovering its health benefits.