Thursday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us here
at Mama Nida's Asian Market
We wish you all 
a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

Three Simple tips to help you through this holiday:

1. Drink your favorite tea during your feasting break, it will aid digestion. Camomile Tea or Mint Tea will aid with indigestion and upset stomach.
2. If you plan on consuming a lot of spicy food or alcoholic products, drink Aloe Vera drink afterwards. You're stomach will thank you later.
3. If you think you're starting to feel sick, go overload on Vitamin C and  give a super boost to your immune system.

With that said, take you're time with all the good food, remember, you will be eating all day and eating any leftovers tomorrow. Grazing will allow you to enjoy all the good eats. 
Mangan Tayon! (Let's Eat)

November 24-25 
November 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now the question is, what is your favorite food for Thanksgiving? We would like to know, leave your comment below.

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