Monday, December 5

Shop Local! Christmas shop with us!

The holidays are here!!! You feel like you're busy legs are going to give out from shopping around, looking for that perfect gift for that special person.

Why don't you try shopping locally this year? Shop with us!

Shopping locally is the best way to show support to your community. And the best part.....You will always find that perfect gift!

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In the last couple of months, not only did we expanded our grocery items, we've expanded the selections for our gift shop as well. So if you haven't been in lately, stop by and check it out.

Are you looking to find a gift with an Asian flare? We have plenty for you to choose from.

We now have a variety of Asian apparels from traditional to modern.

Also new to our gift shop is a selection of  locally designed and handcrafted Asian inspired charms, fresh water pearl jewelries, and wall arts. Great items for stocking stuffer and elegant gifts.

We just got some new stuff in this week and more coming. And Holiday Specials all over the store.

Mama Nida's Asian Market is locally owned and operated in San Angelo.We love this town and we love our community.

What best way to show your appreciation for the town that you live in by supporting the local businesses that reside in it? 

Shop Local. Shop with us!

So,what is your wish for Christmas? Leave a comment we want to know.


Gigi said...

Let me start. I wish for a festive family Christmas this year. A true maligayang pasko moment! I miss Christmas in the Philippines..and a e-reader would be nice :)

Gigi said...

Hey everyone, I got my a kindle for christmas!!!LOL some wishes do come true