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Year of the Dragon 2012: Start with Mieng Kum

The New Year has come and it's 2012. It's the Year of the Dragon ( The Water Dragon). The rituals of writing down a New Year's resolution  list had once again taken some of our precious times. We promise ourselves to live happier, richer, and healthier. Whether we conquer them or not, it's a wish we all would like to come true. So to start off the New Year, here's a healthy Thai appetizer dish that is refreshingly healthy, super easy and delicious.

Mieng Kum or Mieng Kham are mini wraps which consist of dried shrimp, dice shallots, ginger, lime, chili, and roasted coconut wrapped in lettuce or spinach leaves. Traditionally, betel leaves are used as wraps but lettuce and spinach will do. Mieng Kum is serve as an appetizer dish in most US Thai restaurants but it is  traditionally a main dish in many Thai kitchens.

The first time that I've had this was at Madam Mam's at the Village in Austin. Ever since, that's how we start our meal every time we go there to eat.

Mieng Kum or Mieng Kham
Recipe Courtesy of Foodista
Serving size:2

(Yellow indicates that we have it available at Mama Nida's Asian Market)

Romaine Lettuce or Large Spinach Leaves

3 tbsp Diced Shallots (Yellow sweet onion is a great substitute)
3 tbsp Dried Shrimp
5 tbsp Roasted Grated Coconut
3 tbsp unsalted Crushed Peanuts
Thinly Sliced Limes with the grinds
Green onions (optional)

Using a salad sorter tray or just a plate with small measuring bowls, place the bowls of fillings together according to you preference. Whatever floats your boat.

1 cup of palm sugar
2 1/2 Cup of Water
1tsp Shrimp Paste
1 tsp Galangal
1/2 tbsp slice shallots
2  tbsp grated coconut
3 tsp dried shrimp
3 tbsp peanut
3 Thai peppers (dried or fresh) Optional


1. Roast the shrimp paste, galangal, and shallots in a small skillet to bring out the aroma and give it some crispiness. Be careful not to cook it too long or you'll burn them. Set it aside and let it cool.
2. Using a food processor, combine the coconut, peanuts, dried shrimp, ginger, chili and the cooled roasted items that was done earlier. Blend to a ground or powdery mixture.
3. In a saucepan, transfer the blended mixture and add the sugar and water the bring to a boil.Occasionally stir the sauce and let it simmer until it is reduce to approximately a cup.
4. Let it cool before serving.

Simply serve with your filling assortments.

How to eat?
1. Grab a lettuce or spinach
2. Fill it with the items on the assorted filling tray
3. Top it off with the sauce
4. Then Eat It!

กินเถอะ/gin tùh/ = Let’s eat! (Thai)

Mangan Tayon! (Ilokano-Filipino)

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