Thursday, February 16

Rodeo Time!

Robey Condra 2006 Title Winner. Image Courtesy of  San Angelo Live

Every year, San Angelo looks forward to February but not for the day of hearts. Although special it may be, Valentines Day is not February's biggest event for this small town. It's the Annual San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo along with the fun games and rides of the carnival. Ranked as the 6th largest indoor rodeo show, San Angelo becomes alive this time of year. Rodeo is a holiday for the town of San Angelo.
Lake View Air Force Jr ROTC
For over a decade now, My husband and I have been volunteering our time working with the Rodeo Committee to make this event a great experience.

Though some may think it's a small part of the big picture, we are the first group of people that will greet you at the door as you walk in to watch the show.

In camo pants and their Corp T-shirts, LakeView AFJROTC cadets are there ready to greet, assist, and provide programs to whoever is interested.

I enjoyed the experience back when I was one of those cadets and now as an adult, we look forward to it each year.

You might even see this little cowboy

Our younger ones are our future workers, innovators, and leaders. Let us encourage them as they grow and learn about the life we've already lived in. We are their idols, their guides, and they look up to us to show them the way into the real world.

So if you're going to any of the shows, stop by and say hello to the cadets before the show. Gigi and Jason will be there cheering them on.

Show you're support to these young students by buying one of the the Souvenir programs, it has many interesting stuff in there and the daily day sheet is included.

For more information visit the San Angelo Rodeo Website.

Friday, February 10

Minor Maintenance

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Photo © 2010 J. Ronald Lee.