Wednesday, September 5

Thai Cooking with the Carrikers

Time for another cooking class! The Carriker family has graciously agreed to host another round of Thai cooking. 

As usual this will be a full course meal from appetizer to dessert. The  $15 fee is to cover the cost of food. 

When: Friday September 21, 2012 6-10pm
Where: 1114 Hunter's Glen, San Angelo TX (Lower Bluffs)
Why:Where else in San Angelo are you going to find a full course, authentic Thai Food meal for $15? On a Friday night even!

For more information or to reserve your spot call the store at 325-655-6809 or hit us up on the Facebook.

Hosted by The Carriker Family
Sponsored by Mama Nida's Asian Market
Photography by Fotolync (Lynn Compal)

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