Wednesday, February 13

It's Rodeo Time!

It's Rodeo Time !

Once again, the Rodeo is in town. So is the Carnival and there is so much to do at this time of the year. As usual, we have committed our time to be part of the Rodeo Scene. No, we won't be riding a bull or barrel racing but we will be there every night to greet people.

Along with Lake View Junior ROTC cadets, we will be selling the programs for the Rodeo. These kids look forward to this yearly event. San Angelo Rodeo Association has been relying on these cadets to hand out day sheets and sell programs for over a decade. In return the Lake View ROTC program receives a donation from the Association. The funds are use for special events and trips for the cadets. 

Lake View ROTC at the Rodeo 2010

So come show you're support and say hello to these kids as you walk in the door. And don't forget to buy your programs.

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If nothing else, come see this guy