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Girlyne White, AKA Gigi, is a food blogger who loves to write about her food experiences, ventures, and travels. Born in the Philippines and raised in West Texas. Married to her high school sweetheart. Her passion is sharing her love for her culture and roots. 

Currently she is serving as the president of the a cultural non-profit organization, Association of Asian-American Women. Her experience includes stints in educational program development, community outreach, fundraising events, marketing, and public relations for non profit and business.

She has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration Management. She opened her first business in specialty food market at age 22. At 30, turned her hobby in jewelry design into her 2nd business. 

 "Having a partner who shares the same interest is food culture and life is so awesome. "

-Gigi White-


Jason White, AKA Puraw, is an avid jack of all trades blog writer. Born and raised in West Texas. He shares his wife's passion for the food culture.He enjoys baking and trying out new food, and a good glass of beer. 

An Eagle Scout and a Vigil of Honor Member, he loves the nature and exploring. He also trains in Martial Arts and likes to study different languages. He likes to watch international travel shows and documentaries. 

He has a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Food Science. His experiences base on his studies includes food processing, food sanitation and safety, and product development. Outside of his studies, his experience includes marketing development, company operations and supervision, problem solving, and networking for non profit and business. He co owns a weatherization construction company that focuses on energy efficiency.  

"Don't knock a food out until you tried it three times. After the third try, you can safely say you'll never eat that again." -William Karmany-

A family friend, a retired Navy chef, had told him to always try anything three times, try it at different times, if by the third try, you still don't like the taste, then it's safe to give up on it. He had adopted that policy when it comes to trying new food.

Other Blogs that they've started together:

Ilokano Learner 

This is a blog that was started to help Jason learn his wife's language. They write about the language culture of the Philippines and learning the Ilocano language.

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